Thursday, January 12, 2006

La lutte continue

I remember overhearing occasional whispers back in the early 1980s, about "what happened in Erin, Ontario". No one ever explained the social history of that region to me, perhaps because I was a small child at the time, a new Londoner, much too young to be able to understand the importance of root causes. Mitchieville breaks the silence.

The Law of the Ax Cuts to social spending, an empty food bank, and lack of midnight basketball lead to a bloody summer across Erin Township. People felt abandoned by society. They turned their firewood axes on each other that summer. The screams of the dying echoed across the hills as the chainsaws and hayforks found their way into human flesh. No one was safe from the carnage. Everyone agreed that cuts to social spending, a weak central government in Ottawa, and lack of government services in our unique Erin Dialect had caused this. It was societies fault.
It kills me to read this stuff.