Friday, January 20, 2006

Gina Barber is scary

As the campaign winds down, Londoners are best to stay inside and lock their doors. The streets are not safe from roaming politicians.

In the final sprint to Monday's election finish line, candidates of all stripes are blitzing their ridings for votes.

[..] "I have been doing an awful lot of canvassing," New Democrat candidate Gina Barber of London West said yesterday.

"I was at a public school the other day and a little child said to me, 'Remember me? I answered the door when you came to my house.' "

In the campaign wind-down, Barber said she'll concentrate on retirement homes and apartments.

"I love apartments. I dream apartments. I'm literally running from door to door. I've developed a run that's not too loud so I don't bother other people," she quipped.

The weekend will be spent knocking on doors her camp hasn't already hit, and taking in coffee shops and stores to get as much visibility as possible, Barber said.

During the last election, as I was walking across a parking lot of an apartment complex on the way to visit a friend, this woman started running at me, shouting all the while. I immediately ran inside, frightened out of my wits by this intrusive woman and her gang of crusaders. Perhaps she has 'softened' her run since then, but does she not realize that knocking on residential doors is an intrusion in itself??


darcey said...

Her again! The evil one...

The Rhetorical Letter Writer said...

Dear London Fog,

Thanks for the very entertaining blog. You make me miss/not miss my hometown like crazy.


The Rhetorical Letter Writer (London ex-pat)