Friday, January 13, 2006

The ever expanding blob

Drizzten commenting on State funded income tax preparation assistance to the poor:

Thus, in order to provide services to the poor, government imposes taxes on everyone. But since the poor have trouble affording their taxes, the government decided to grant them certain privileges. But the poor need help in preparing their taxes to get these privileges and might have trouble hiring specialists. So the state's services expand to include tax assistance, thereby guaranteeing the tax revenue generated off the labor of the poor will decrease. But the state's services need to be paid for, so the share burdened by everyone else increases.


The Mayor said...


Do try to get past the limitations of Abilityism. I accept that it appears to be stupid to both impose an administrative burden (taxation) and then create a beaurocracy to solve the very burden one has created.

The appearance of stupidity is only an illusion. This program creates jobs ... jobs for tax preparers, jobs for tax preparation administration staff, and needed revenue for tax preparation franchise owners. And our Welfare-Canadians are now more tightly embraced by the loving welfare state Mommy and Daddy.

It is bad enough to be homeless, but at least we can help shoulder the self imposed burden for these downtrodden, but Liberal voting, people.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

Pietr said...

Taxation is robbery.
In the UK it is automated.
When government requires work to assess what level it steals,that is not just robbery.
It is also slavery.