Thursday, January 12, 2006

Even your fireplace isn't safe in London Ontario

The new year has hardly begun but already the guns are firing in the city streets and the thieves trying to correct the redistributive imbalance by helping themselves to other people's property. From today's London Free Press:
A stolen fireplace, a fleeing thief and a courageous employee set off a chain of events last night that included a three-vehicle crash in north London.

The bizarre scenario started about 5:30 p.m. when a Wastell Builders Inc. site manager saw a man stealing a fireplace from an unfinished home at a Sunningdale Road construction site.

Fed up with constant thefts from the job site, Brian, 25, who didn't want his last name used because of threats the thief made toward him, jumped in his car to follow the man's pickup truck.

"They steal from me all the time and I'm gonna do whatever I can to stop it," he said. "Fireplaces, wood -- they'll try to take anything."
Thanks to the efforts of this private citizen pissed off with the culture of entitlement, the thief was eventually apprehended by the police and subsequently charged, although not soon enough to prevent a three car pile up:
Knowing he was being followed, the thief sped west on Sunningdale Road toward Richmond Street, said Brian, who called police on his cellphone while in pursuit.

Disaster struck when the man in the pickup truck tried to pass two vehicles in front of him, Brian said.

His sudden action caused a three-way crash that tore the front end off a sedan and spewed car parts all over the road.

A male and female in the wrecked car were taken to hospital by ambulance with non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

Two children in a van that was sideswiped were taken to hospital by their parents for observation.

"I ran up and didn't see him in the (truck)," Brian said of the moments after the crash.

"I looked in the field and he was running away, so I just started chasing him."

The 25-year-old father, who has aspirations of being a police officer, chased the thief through a muddy field toward Medway Road for nearly a kilometre before the man was arrested by police, Brian said.

Image from LFP