Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Election night grub

According to the authorities, I lied in an earlier post concerning the quality of food consumed during election night. I repent by reproducing the actual menu:

Bug and Bark Delight

2 Handfuls Pine Bark Beetles
4 Handfuls Pine Bark

Mix in a bowl, and try to eat the bugs before they crawl out the bowl.

This meal is an excellent dietary source of cellulose and chitin, both essential for your athletic colon. The natives of Tasmania who live on this stuff, have never reported a death caused by old age.


2 Cups Oatmeal
1 gallon water
2 Cups Canadian Bran
1 bag frozen peas

Boil until foamy. Stir in bran and peas. Let cool into a slurry and serve in an old boot and have everyone eat with a communal spoon.


Pietr said...

Okay, so what happened?
Who won?
Is Canada a true Cerise country again?

MapMaster said...

Fascists (Conservatives): 124
Crooks (Liberals): 103
Commies (NDP): 29
Traitors (Bloc Quebecois): 51
Independent (weird off-colour libertarian type): 1

More plaid than cerise these days.

Pietr said...

Ah.So the Fascists will have to team up with the Traitors and for a government then.
Just like old times eh?