Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Don't vote -- stand up for social programs!

I'm with Map and Lisa. I didn't vote. Here in Canada, a vote is equivalent to a cash donation to the Socialist Party of $1.75 per vote per annum. That's right -- if you vote in Canada, the Party gets an involuntary donation from taxpayers.

Well, I'd rather burn it, or let someone of my own choice send it up in smoke.

Why should criminals and gangsters have to wait for my $1.75 to be filtered through the hands of the bureaucracy and their Party? And why should those criminals and gangsters be of a class chosen exclusively by the Party?

So, instead of tossing another $1.75 into Al Gretzky's begging bowl, I'll be carrying around an extra buck-and-three-fourths for the next downtown London drug addict or alcoholic who asks me for change.

Let the people decide on the services that best satisfy their own needs. Some will choose crack, some crystal methamphetamine, some alcohol. Some may choose tobacco, LSD, or cannabis, or perhaps the services of a prostitute. Some will tuck it away, saving it for a rainy day heroin-fest.

When the choice is between the ravages of socialized medicine with "equalization" payments, versus hard drugs, a good citizen will promote hard drug use every time. Putting our collective resources towards grass roots methamphetamine binges is among the least harmful social programs imaginable for our communities and our children.

I plan to continue this non-voting policy until the Party leader promises that my $1.75 will be left free to go towards the hard drug needs of the homeless and jobless instead of being wasted on the promotion of a destructive socialist agenda.

The most important thing is choice.

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Fuckin' A!