Sunday, January 29, 2006

Darned kids have no respect for authority these days

From the London Free Press:

A "vicious" dog was shot and five people arrested in a drug-related raid by Chatham-Kent police in Wallaceburg. Police said four men and one woman were charged in the search about 9 p.m. Friday at a home on Wallace Street. An undisclosed quantity of methamphetamine was seized. Several charges were laid, including trafficking a controlled substance, possession for the purpose of trafficking, possession of a controlled substance and improper storage of ammunition.
Officers at the scene expressed surprise at the presence of a dog appearing unfriendly after breaking down the door and bursting into the residence. More shocking, however, was the presence of improperly stored ammunition, leaving officers aghast and grateful that they had arrived in time to properly store it. The suspects were given a demonstration in the proper storage of ammunition by loading it into the dog.

The tide of anarchy rolled on into Saturday and was narrowly averted by daring OPP officers who brought down a pickup truck of four partygoers going to a stag and doe on Highway 401, in an exploit worthy of the long-lost episode of CHiPs. Also from the Free Press:
The incident occurred shortly after noon when Chatham-Kent OPP received a report from a truck driver who saw someone in a pickup truck flashing what appeared to be a handgun. The OPP's highway enforcement action team was dispatched and several cruisers with lights flashing pulled over the pickup at the ramp to a Tilbury service centre. Police with guns drawn surrounded the truck and ordered the driver and three passengers out. Each was arrested and the vehicle was searched.

Two toy pistols were found, along with some open liquor that led to a Liquor Licence Act charge. The foursome was allowed to continue to Windsor. "People just don't stand for that sort of thing anymore," said OPP Sgt. Mark Vanbuskirk.
Sgt. Vanbuskirk, reminiscing about his own Super Soaker Arctic Shock Blaster, added that he wished it weren't so, but if people won't stand for it, they just won't stand for it, and nothing more need ever be said.

In London, the dangerous influx of Americans and violent criminals, or both, that occurs downtown every summer during the Gus Macker basketball tournament hosted in Victoria Park led last year to a brutal assault on two of Coun. Ab Chahbar's sons while he was driving in a funeral procession. While the city considers a ban on sports events and violence at Victoria Park, the Free Press reported yesterday that the tournament organizer has moved this year's event to Fanshawe College.
Macker organizer Clyde Adkin said yesterday the proposed ban delayed his plans by three weeks and he couldn't risk waiting any longer.
The move is applauded as violent activity will be encouraged to remain in its natural habitat in London's East End.


Pietr said...

Reminds me of the time in 1980 in East Parade, Leeds.
My girlfriend was driving a group of us home in her parent's car, since she was the only one who wasn't paralytic.
My mate found a toy gun on the back seat.
We stopped at the lights.Some people were standing there, so he wound down the window and gestured at them with the 'gun'.They looked terrified.
Then he said:
"Excuse me, do any of you have a license for this gun?" in his best official voice.

MapMaster said...

It's not nice to tease the poor creatures.

Pietr said...

He wasn't a very nice guy.
Seriously, he had problems.So did I, but mine were basically people like him.
Anyway,I was usually the last stop on my girly's route, so I'd invite her in and my parents would act all Transylvanian.(Peasant rather than Count).

Gordon Pasha said...

You forgot to mention the pizza delivery robbery on Murray St in Wallaceburg. I have a confession to make. I grew up in Wallaceburg. On Wallace St. Around the corner from Murray Street. Nice to read that the old south-side neighbourhood hasn't lost any of its, ummm, charm! Thanks for that.

MapMaster said...

That's certainly a bold confession. I always thought there was something subversive about you, but couldn't quite exactly place it before…

But you're welcome. Charm is always free at the London Fog!