Monday, January 2, 2006

The dark underbelly of London exclusionary neoliberal politics

Fenris Badwulf brings attention to this tragic failing of cultural and economic redistribution right here in London. Fenris has a bright future ahead as a London Free Press staff reporter.

LONDON Ontario. M'bu Gu Gu sits in his simple hut and looks out into the setting sun. It is Kwanzaa, the festival of first fruits.

M'bu Gu Gu shakes his head sadly. 'When I went out on the first day of Kwanzaa, all the crops were dead. There was nothing to eat. Everybody harvests their crops on December 25 in Africa. What is wrong with this country.'

Nobody is giving anything to M'bu Gu Gu. His welfare cheque is late. 'Where is the Christmas bonus?' he asks, 'all my wives and daughters are pregnant. There is nothing to eat.'

The food bank delivery van is stuck in the snow ... again. 'I am inconvenienced,' says M'bu Gu Gu. 'Three of my sons have been forced to join youth gangs and have been shot by my cousin, Machete M'dunga. All because the racist scum Mike Harris stopped Islamic Night School for my village.' He cups his head in his hands and crys like a baby. 'The Plasma TV does not get clear reception of CBC!'
Please support property tax increases and help ensure that M'bu Gu Gu feels more at home and that all Londoners "feel the collective sentiment, love their neighbors as themselves, identify a common solution to get out of the swamp of egocentrism, alienation, lack of commitment and indifference, exacerbated by neoliberal globalization."