Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cost of goods and services to rise in Ontario

The Collective Globe reports:

The Ontario government said Wednesday that it will increase the minimum wage paid to workers in the province, the third such move in as many years.

The change means the general minimum wage, which now stands at $7.45 an hour, will increase to $7.75 an hour, effective Feb. 1.

As well, the province said, it will boost minimum wage again next year, lifting it to $8 an hour as of Feb. 1, 2007.

“By phasing in the minimum wage increases, we can help these workers benefit from Ontario's economic growth while keeping Ontario businesses competitive,” provincial labour minister Steve Peters said.
By forcing greedy capitalists to pay their slaves more, progress is progressing toward the progressive goal of equal portions for one and all, provided you belong to a sanctioned progressive group. Only the government can be trusted with the sacred task of dividing the fruits necessary to a progressive life.

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basil said...

I had the most interesting conversation with the hired help today - they were excitedly discussing what each of them would buy with an extra $2.40 a day. They couldn't believe that they could buy an extra Starbucks coffee a day - or even a twelve of Lucky beer a week. When I suggested to them that it would mean an extra $50 a month if they saved it, they decided that they could each take up drinking one bottle of Balvenie per month - or that they could pool their collective increase and buy a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue label to share at the end of each month! It was so amusing to me to see how easily the poor are made happy, that I nearly forgot to tell them I expected them to pay for each glass of water and piece of toilet paper they use while working for me on the plantation from now on.
The Ontario government is always fair. Despite seeming to favour the poor by giving them a whopping 30 cents more an hour, and making them so happy with so little, prices will rise for everybody so we will all be treated equally in the end.