Monday, January 2, 2006

Chronicles of Sarnia

Mark Steyn at the Western Standard, with the must-read classic Chronicles of Sarnia.

The first character Stephen meets in the new land is a curious fellow called Mr. Tumnus--half-man, half-lemming--limping home through the snow after being told that the MRI machine at the Cair Paravel Hospital has frozen up again.

"Forgive me," says Mr. Tumnus, taking young Stephen's arm, "but are you what they call a . . . a . . . "--and he lowers his voice lest the trees overhear-- " . . . a Son of Preston?"

"Well, er," says Stephen, cautiously.

"Oh, upon my word, delighted, delighted. You must come and take tea and lemming tart with me." And in his dry clean cave, the half-man half-lemming asks Stephen if he's come to rid Sarnia of the cruel and scheming King Paul.