Sunday, January 8, 2006

Canadian Election 2006 Political Advertisement

It's movie night at the London Fog, and we're going negative! View our animated Flash election ad.

Here's where we get Canadian.
Jane Doe contemplates the self-inflicted decline of the Canadian middle class.
"That whistleblower they arrested died in police custody, and it isn't even in the Globe!"

Inspired by Blue Blogging Soapbox's multimedia contest, and the work of Cannuckistan and ProudToBeCanadian.


MapMaster said...

This one is pretty funny too...

From mkbraaten

Little Big Man said...

And this one isn't even phoney:

Why it isn't in a CPC or NDP commercial by now is beyond me.

basil said...

Hilarious video Little Big Man.

Does Joe Fontana know about this?

"I will ask you in my name . . . and the name of Joe Fontana. Ladies and gentlemen, you have in this riding one of the outstanding public figures in our country . . . vote Alfonso Gagliano."

matt said...

The crack about "them asking him about this at daycare" is too funny.