Saturday, January 21, 2006

$1.75 multiplied by 100 and counting

Landslide Annie's riding is under scrutiny by Elections Canada, although it's too late to do anything about the inevitable fraud that has occurred:

*Almost 100 apparently nonexistent addresses in Edmonton's downtown core - in some cases, the addresses listed fictional residences in between two genuine buildings

*Hundreds of people registered to vote out of their law offices, medical offices, accounting offices, and Government of Canada offices - in some cases these may be genuine errors, but in other cases, entire families are registered to vote out of high rise office space

*Dozens of people registered to vote out of office towers, but who did not list a suite number, causing the address to read similarly to ordinary residences - in many cases, these people are also registered to vote in other ridings using their home addresses, and in other cases, voters living in other ridings are only registered in Edmonton Centre

*Dozens of people registered to vote out of small mail box locations and from self-storage yards - there is no legitimate way for a person to appear on the list of Electors from a self-storage yard

*Eighteen people registered to vote out of a truck stop

*People registered to vote out of karaoke bars, lingerie stores, dance lounges, galleries, etc...

The deadline for revising the list of Electors has now passed, and these irregular voters will remain on the list. In some cases, they have already voted in the advance polls and some of these irregular voters may have voted in previous elections, and may have had an impact on the results in the riding of Edmonton Centre.
Well, did you really expect people to be satisfied with one vote when there is so much loot at stake?