Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Universal child care encourages stupid people to breed

While the prospective gangs attempt to satisfy those clamouring for a portion of the spoils for their offspring, The London Fog would like to remind everyone that the bargaining funds are not legitimately appropriated. If families weren't forced to support the family across the street, than they would have more money to meet the needs of their own children. I do not have children, nor do I intend to breed, but I am informed that I have a social obligation to pay for the needs of other people, via mandatory payroll deductions and the GST, against my will, which thereby places limitations on the choices I can responsibly make.

In order for a government to exist it must exert control and what better way to secure power over the people than to secure a monopoly over resources and services. The entrenched Party understands that it is most effective to intervene during the early stages of development:

Surrounded by little children waving Canadian flags, Paul Martin announced that a Liberal government would extend its child-care program over another five years, and add $6-billion to its previous promises.

In last year's election, Mr. Martin committed to invest $5-billion over five years for child care. His government then signed agreements with all 10 provinces to honor the pledge through 2010.

[..] Mr. Martin told a crowd of restless children, child-care workers and his federal candidates at a YMCA child-care centre that he wants to create a "permanent nation-wide system of early learning and child care."

"This program is here to stay," he said, comparing it to medicare and calling it a "lasting addition to our social foundation."

Comrade Ken Dryden is also committed to stealing your baby from the cradle:
Canadian Liberal Social Development Minister, Ken Dryden, dismissed a Conservative Party proposal to offer tax cuts to parents who prefer to raise their children at home rather than in his proposed massive, government-funded day care program. Dryden has suggested that parents who keep their very young ones at home are like those who refuse to bring their children to a doctor when they are sick.

[..] Dryden also dismissed the reality that an overwhelming majority of parents would prefer to stay home with their young children as being nothing more than unrealistic wishful thinking. “A recent study… has found that most moms and dads with pre-school children would prefer that one parent stay home and take primary responsibility for raising the children…but if we asked the same group of people, or any group of people, if they would like to lose weight, 90% would say yes. If we asked them if they would like ice cream once a week and chocolate twice a day, about the same percentage would say the same. The question, as in all of these questions, is not what we would like to do but what we will do and what we do.”
Ken Dryden is telling parents that the Liberal government knows how to raise their children better than they do. This justifies the hiring of yet more government employees, forcing more and more people to rely on such 'assistance', as they are bled to death by the vampires. Early Party training will ensure future compliance of the populace.


Anonymous said...

The issue of potential government waste and mismanagement of taxpayer money and perhaps more importantly, voter trust, could really be brought home if focus were brought to the way in which taxpayer money goes floating through institutional childcare providers like the YMCA, and no greater example of that exists than the London YMCA (whose CEO happens to be an ardent Liberal supporter).

When the London YMCA took over the operating contract for childcare on the UWO campus, they maintained fee levels while eliminating long-serving, professionally qualified staff, so as to reap the 30% differential in labour costs in order to be able to shore up weak YMCA operations such as fitness.

As a former member of the board of the Western Daycare, the previous childcare provider on campus, I know that the operation always ran in the black prior to the change to the London Y; I also know that labour costs in that operation exceeded $1 million annually. $300,000 formerly devoted to childcare worker wages have now disappeared into general YMCA revenues, perhaps to buy Stairmasters, or to support the newest YMCA Childcare Centre- opened right next door to a strip club on Dundas, site of a shooting recently.

There were 150 children in that UWO centre; the YMCA has an average of $2,000 per child to divert already. Multiplied by 1,000 or more children overall in the YMCA London system, that's $2 million diverted. And much of that money already comes from the taxpayer, as YMCA childcare clientele are frequently subsidized by public funds - a worthy expenditure IF the money is actually going towards childcare.

The question needs to be asked - if the Liberals are allowed to enact their childcare strategy, will the money wind up providing childcare, or for providing Stairmasters or discounted fitness memberships for London's downtown white collar YMCA members?

Anonymous said...

And much of that money already comes from the taxpayer, as YMCA childcare clientele are frequently subsidized by public funds - a worthy expenditure IF the money is actually going towards childcare.

Dear Anonymous, your astonishment is odd.

There is no possible way that money will be well managed and will be spent on a particular service, when the person receiving the service is not paying for it, or is paying only a fraction of the costs. You may think it "worthy" that the government takes money from taxpayer 'A' in order to subsidize taxpayer 'B's daycare, but how exactly are taxpayers 'A' and 'B' supposed to know if the funds are well spent? Even if they could examine the books and detect a fraud, what are they going to do about it? Complain to the prime minister? Complain to 10 different layers of bureaucracy in the federal, provincial and municipal governments? Move to another city and hope that the YMCA there is run better? Fat chance!

Whereas if it is a free market, the consumer has complete control over the situation because he can always switch between providers if he feels that he is not getting good value. If the daycare operation is giving bad, overpriced care, then they will be quickly put out of business by competitors moving in.

This is exactly the reason why your free-market grocery store is overflowing with cheap, fresh, nutritious food, and Cuba's grocery stores are barren, overpriced, and most people there are malnourished. That's what your government wants to do for you: give you child care every bit as good as Cuba's food system.

Anonymous said...

I used to be proud to call myself Canadian. Not after looking at most of the drivel on this site and others. You bloody people should try living in a third world country. However, chances are you won't, and just as well, as you couldn't possibly grasp the REAL sense of desperation that the majority of the world lives in. And what's the freakish fascination with being American all of a sudden? Christ, if only people would wake up to the fact there is a reason why Canadians are generally held in higher regard around the world. If you hate it here so much, LEAVE. People have lived through wars and genocide to have the opportunity to live a life here in this country and to CONTRIBUTE. And what do they have greet them? Ungrateful locals. Thank whatever the hell it is you believe in that you woke up in this god-forsaken city today and not in a war zone. EJKJ

Anonymous said...

In reference to Anonymous' comment "...ungrateful locals...", I too agree that this site is ridiculously ignorant. Bitch and complain all you want, as I did before I ended up relocated in Houston, Texas with the most incredibly arrogant, poorly educated, lazy, irresponsible, self centered, greed-driven jack asses in the world. No amount of money would keep me here and I miss Canada terribly. Go live in another country for a while so that you can take your head out of your ass and appreciate Canada for what it truly is - The most remarkable, precious country on earth....