Thursday, December 22, 2005

Unfinished thoughts from the United Church of Canada

The United Church of Canada (formerly "Christian", now "Hippie") is calling for the withdrawal of imperialist pig troops from Iraq.(HT Neale).

We know that disregard for the human rights of detainees is only one aspect of the widespread disregard for Iraqi human rights. This grave situation is the result of the illegal foreign occupation of Iraq. Peace and justice will only come to Iraq through a deep and abiding respect for the human rights of Iraqis by both the U.S. and Iraqi governments.

We believe the occupation is the underlying source for this disregard of human rights.
This appeal feels only half done. So many details are missing from their vision.

For example, the United Church is silent on who should then shoot bullets into terrorists in Iraq, so as to make them die and bring despair to the survivors? It's as if the United Church expects this to happen all by itself through some kind of Old Testament divine intervention.

Whose jets will fire missiles into the redoubts of the religiously intolerant? Who does the Church nominate to investigate, track down, and kill their suppliers, money men, scientists, engineers, and propagandists? If there is one thing the United Church does not believe, it's that God strikes people down. With that in mind, they should have given their recommended method for doing this instead of leaving us all to guess.

You can't take this letter seriously. The Church doesn't even bother to nominate anyone to take over the job of questioning captured irregulars in intimidating ways.

These are just a few of the gaping holes in the United Church's position. I suppose that the Church is tacitly imagining the Iraqi military and police are the best people to replace American knowhow in these matters. They will be. But can't we wait for things to stabilize in that region a little bit before turning the entire task of destroying networks of nihilistic lunatics over to a fledgling security apparatus? Many more lives will be saved with the help of the professionals Be realistic, United Church.