Friday, December 16, 2005

TV Eye

The purges and trials that the people will demand following the election must not neglect CPAC.

For example, the host and a guest just went through regional and provincial polls. Liberal-voting regions were given lengthy treatment and the reasons expounded upon for Liberal dominance. Then in the journey west, we hit Alberta, and the host and guest back right away from Alberta with a "Whooooaahh!", moving directly along to BC. Those figures weren't on screen 10 seconds.

I may post audio later, if it's as openly biased as it seemed.

Later: Embarrassing repeated references to Bono during the big TV election debates in the nation of my birth.


Lisa said...

2 whole hours of blatherings by statists. I was witness to it all! What the hell is wrong with my brain?

Layton: What about those corporate tax cuts and a vote for a New Democratic Represenitive.

Martin: The engine rolls along. Just you try to resist.

Harper: I'm trying but people aren't impressed

Duceppe: I'll force some rational arguments, that noone cares about - Quebec will rule.

Fenris Badwulf said...

It is good to see that the Main Stream Media is doing it's job of keeping the evil heteronormative Conservatives out of power. If you want to keep the care in care bear I suggest you obey the MSM without question. If you show some support for the Liberals in London, you just might get that Battered Women's Shelter the Muslim Brotherhood are offering to build.

Sargon the Magnificent said...

Fenris, you are wrong. The Muslim Brotherhood is going to conduct a Workshop on Beating Women. This is a little bit different than a Battered Women's Shelter.

Fenris Badwulf said...

Sargon: You are twisting my words out of their misleading meaning. You are biased against those Illiterate-Canadians who cannot tell the difference between a 'Workshop' and a 'Shelter'. Like, who cares? One creates the problem, the other solves the problem. But without the problem, we cannot make our emotionally loaded telemarketing campaign successful. That generates the money to create jobs for telemarketers, telemarketer administrators, telemarketer support staff, pay rent on telemarketing office space, and generate revenue for the world's most beloved telephone company. Stop confusing the issue with facts ... think about all those jobs this will create.

Pietr said...

'Ere, Fenris, can Oi curm and live in yaw town?
Oi fink it sarnds terriffik!