Saturday, December 3, 2005

"There's no right to indulge in tobacco use" in statist societies because the authorities said so

Such organizations feed off the fruits of your labour, citizens, and decide your fate, all without your consent. It's legal to discriminate against smokers, but just you dare refuse a job to a member of a visible minority - you'll promptly find yourself staring at the Human Right Tribunal's Firing Squad.

The World Health Organization has stopped hiring smokers as part of its commitment to battle tobacco use, a spokesperson said yesterday.

"WHO has taken a very public lead in the fight against tobacco use," spokesperson Iain Simpson said. "As a matter of principle, WHO does not want to recruit smokers."

As of Dec. 1, all vacancy notices include a line stating that the UN health agency does not promote tobacco use or recruit smokers, Simpson said. Applicants are asked if they smoke or use other tobacco products, and if they answer yes, the application process is terminated.

[..] When asked whether WHO would soon stop hiring obese people or those drinking alcohol, spokesperson Fadela Chaib said the agency was aware that its new rules "may seem discriminatory or even politically incorrect" to some.

But Chaib stressed that WHO needs to align its own employment practices with its principles.

"WHO tries to encourage people to try and lead a healthy life," she said. "There is safe sex, one can drink alcohol in a reasonable way, and one can attempt eating in a balanced fashion. But with tobacco, there is no middle ground: it is black and white and it kills half of those consuming it."
We've heard this type of 'argument' before. Fat people and sex fiends are suffering from an addiction, implying they are not responsible for their behaviour, but smokers are just evil doers to be blamed for the health care crisis. Remember Weyco, the company who discriminates against smokers and fatties.
"We offer many incentives for employees to make healthy lifestyle choices," Weyers says. "Compliance is voluntary, and the result has been a demonstrable improvement in wellness. Still, anyone concerned about limiting employers' right to specify terms of employment should know that federal law protects people with conditions like obesity, alcoholism and AIDS. But there's no right to indulge in tobacco use," he emphasizes.

The only thing I can say in favour of the Weyco decision - objectionable as it is - as opposed to the WHO one, is that Weyco is a private company and so should be allowed to specify the conditions of employment - one need not apply if they don't like the terms. The hiring restrictions imposed by the WHO are a different matter. An organization that purports to represent the public must exclude no one because public means everyone. The public is not allowed to discriminate against public institutions, but public institutions are allowed to discriminate against every individual citizen, even such individuals who don't consider the authority of the WHO legitimate. I have no desire to work for a company, private or public, that judges and rules over the habits and activities of their employees independently of their job performance, and so sincerely hope their profits and powers plummet as they pass over qualified applicants simply because the person enjoys tobacco in their leisure time.


Fenris Badwulf said...

I find it hurtful and mean for you to criticise such a fine institution as the World Health Organization.

WHO is a key member of the Politically Correct Junta that is struggling to make your life as carefree as a child! Smokers should wear pointed hats and cloaks painted with devils. Once a year, we should let honest townsfolk hunt them with crossbows and javelins.

Listen to the voice of Reason and Stop Thinking, Obey the WHO!

Pietr said...

Doctor WHO.....duddle di dum,duddle di dum,duddle di dum,duddle di dum,duddle di dum, duddle di dum, dudle di dum... wee-ooo-ooooooo-da da duddle di dum, duddle di dum, duddle di dum du du du-du-duddle di dum.....