Monday, December 5, 2005

The sorrow and the pity

We've received these suppressed images through dissident contacts in outlying, backwoods regions of Quebec. It looks as though this has been going on for some time.

Lucille Grospied of Val-du-nord was overheard boasting about having voting Liberal three times in exchange for cartons of smuggled cigarettes and lottery tickets. Local militants also denounced her for having engaged in sexual relations with a local Liberal organizer.

The staff of "Communications Grouteux", apprehended while trying to flee from their offices at Crise-Calice, P.Q., to Haiti. The employees of this firm stand accused of raking in millions producing embarrassingly bad Photoshop bus ads for Canadian unity.

"HEIN! CESSEZ DE PRENDRE DES PHOTOS!" demands the young militant. The photographer was threatened with a beating just like the one the gang had just given this unidentified individual. He was then chased away. Evidently, the deliberalization of Quebec has its unsavory aspects...

Members of the federally funded travelling Quebecois national unity choir "Belle Ensemble" are publicly shamed by Quebecois mobs for taking Liberal money to "mock Quebec" by singing the French verse of "O Canada" in the remote mining town of Haut Riviere.