Friday, December 23, 2005

Society as one big cannibal pot

What if our Conservative party were this far to the "stone age left"?! This country would be in a lot of trouble.

The (British) Tories should support the redistribution of wealth and try to narrow the gap between rich and poor, Oliver Letwin, the party's new policy chief, says today.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, he says: "Of course, inequality matters. Of course, it should be an aim to narrow the gap between rich and poor. It is more than a matter of safety nets."

"We do redistribute money and we should redistribute money," he says. "But we have to find ways that empower people rather than reducing them to dependency."

"You would have to be blind not to see that there are people who are not able to participate properly in everything that most of the population takes for granted," he says. "Any human being who looks at that is bound to conclude that we should take steps to enable those people to move out of that condition."
HT Captain.


Pietr said...

The ordinary members and the activists in the Conservative party include quite a lot of talented, hardworking and sensible people.
They are constantly dumbfounded by the relentless annihilation of their representation in parliament.
aybe MI5 should investigate the people behind the apparent socialisation of the party; they had a go at Harold Wilson in the seventies, but they are not making much effort when it comes to finding out how shite-hawks like Olivier Pet-Wind get into positions of responsibility.
The party was always going to hell after Maggie was forced out and Major was betrayed.
Now it's just headed by a bunch of ten-minute wonders who want to make a quick killing on the after-dinner circuit after they 'fail heroically'.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think the neo-Tories of Steve Harper are any different? Ask what the Liberals will give, and Harper will do better... Instead of giving money to provinces for child care, he'll give it to the families... How about I keep my money, you keep yours... In Canada there are four main socialist parties to vote for. Pick which flavor you like the best. Choose your master... and choose mine for me... There is no "right" in Canada. I just hope to God that the Freedom Party will do better when they start running...