Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Scott Ried wants to take your beer and diaper money to improve moral acceptance of Liberal rule among tots, and on a provincial level, Gerard Kennedy and his gang plan to force young people to keep learning the Party Agenda until at least the age of eighteen. After eighteen years of proper conditioning, the majority of citizens are sure to be more receptive to public education campaigns.

Perhaps forseeing the enormous cost to physically restrain pupils in their publically designated, equally uncomfortable seats, the Ontario Liberals have come up with a new 'incentive':

Ontario high school students who drop out won't be allowed to get their driver's licences under proposed new legislation.

The aim is to keep students in school until they're 18 so they can graduate. Roughly 45,000 Ontario high school students, or 30 per cent, leave each year before graduating.

[..] Education Minister Gerard Kennedy said students applying for their licences would have to show a document to the Ministry of Transportation that proves they're an active student.

Kennedy says the penalty will come into effect once schools establish a wider choice of courses and add more co-op and apprenticeship programs to keep at-risk students in school.

"The licence provision is a proactive way of setting the bar, the marker, that avoids the courts, allows us to deal with it as something people will come to accept - that it's a privilege to have a driver's license and one of the corresponding obligations is to be serious about taking your learning as far as possible," said Kennedy.
Yeah, I am sure I will learn lots at the point of a government gun. Bypass the courts and we'll come "to accept" your legislation, because if we don't, we won't be eligible for that "privilege" or worse yet, will end up in jail.

Since when is the "privilege" of operating a motorized vehicle granted according to anything other than a person's ability to safely and competently manoeuvre a vehicle??!! Understanding the feelings of minorities, women and gays, according to government interpretation, is going to make me a better driver?

Fuck you Kennedy. In my youth, I resisted your evil ethics and teachings, and so did not receive that high school stamp of approval. I quit, when I was 15, and was granted my parent's approval upon condition that I get a job, which I did. I am not an "at-risk" citizen, except in so far as I prefer to think for myself and don't like bureaucrats and crooks telling me what my best interests are. I am employed and graduated with distinction from an accredited university and so now I am the proud owner of a cherished piece of paper which I will soon line my cat's litter box with. The Christmas season is all about giving.

More from Comrade Kennedy:
"Our Student Success Strategy is about customizing high schools to give
every student an Ontario education advantage," said Kennedy. "Enforcement measures are intended as a backstop to these important student success programs and to send a strong signal that we are taking responsibility for student achievement."
Success measured according to whom and by what? By definition, advantage is contrasted against the relative failure of someone else and that doesn't work very well in a society of EQUALS. By what divine authority do you take responsiblity for the choices of individuals? I didn't elect you buddy. I don't respect your authority although I am forced to submit.


Ian Scott said...

I abhor these people.

Ian Scott said...

From the Toronto Star article: "Parents who fail to ensure their under 18 children attend class — and employers who hire students during school hours — could also be fined $1,000, up from $200, under the proposal."

So, some kid comes to me, school is just not for him, but he can make some money, and in return offers me something in my business, and gets some real full time work experience, I can get fined.

Well, I guess that's fine. My own work hours are not "typical." Guess I'll see if he wants to work the graveyard shift.

Pietr said...


v said...

I voted for McGuinty, and have up to this point given him the benefit of the doubt. I think this is the last straw. Hey, you guys posted something on the Ontario Freedom Party I think a while back. Are these guys legit? Because I can't get behind John "Negative Option Billing" Tory. Please advise....

Jay said...

"I voted for McGuinty..."

Doesn't surprise me. He was the least bad option, right? In a just world, voters like you would bear the full consequences of electing contemptible bags of shit like McGuinty.

Trouble is, the rest of us get the exact same government you do.

If you vote, you can't complain.

Publius said...

I didn't know you owned a cat Lisa. But seriously. The one thing no one makes mention of is that this policy will make a high school diploma nothing more than a certificate of attendance. What will change you ask? The other thing no one ever mentions, the additional cost involved in wasting two extra years of "schooling" on the insurance brokers, car sales and waiters of tommorrow - merely citing my friends and relations, most of whom never bothered finishing grade 11.

P.S. I don't have a cat, so I put my piece of paper on the wall. My mother was very proud.

wolfvillewatch said...

Have you seen this story?

"A book of poetry given as a gift to Grade 1 students across the country has been sent home with Nova Scotian children attached with a warning from the Department of Education...The collection of works written by the beloved children’s poet Dennis Lee, entitled “Alligator Stew: Favourite Poems by Dennis Lee,” was given as a gift to students from the Canadian Children’s Book Centre...
The book arrived at schools across the province in November with a letter to principals from the Department of Education expressing concern regarding one of the poems in the collection entitled “Bratty Brother.”...“Bratty Brother” is written in the voice of a child who attempts to get rid of his sibling in a variety of ways, such as throwing the brother into shark infested waters, mailing him to jail, throwing him off the CN Tower, and putting him in the furnace in anticipation that it will be lit."

My kids LOVED Dennis Lee although Alligator Stew is not as good as Alligator Pie. This action is reminiscent of an earlier decision in a NS school not to allow a class trip to see the play To Kill a Mockingbird.

Anonymous said...

They should with hold healthcare and age of majority cards as well. People who do not finish high school do not deserve healthcare or alcohol either.