Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Making Poverty a Reality

Considering that Bono was actually nomimated for the Noble Peace Prize and is received by powerful State leaders on the basis of nothing other than his money which enables him to lobby the rich and powerful, the inclusion of his mug on Time magazine, next to Bill "I apologize for making so much money" Gates, is rather to be expected, as annoying as it is to see the self-righteous and hypocritical warriors so magnifically displayed to bored grocery store patrons. Until these guys devote all of their efforts, talent and money to the UN, and enter the regulatory ration line like the rest of us, happily marching into the woods to take a dump, they cannot be trusted.

It is not a frivilous matter to prop up corrupt regimes. Bono, Bill and Melinda, please remove your heads from the asses of the ruling elite.


Pietr said...

Now now Lisa, be fair to Bono.
His appeal is based on uch ore than money.
A bunch of middle-aged journalists scouted around for an 'inheritor' of Geldof's torch, as he was looking and sounding a bit like a worn-out, one-trick wonder(Oi don loik Mondays); obviously the replacement had to be Irish, since they kept winning the Eurovision Song Contest;he or she had to be willing to prostitute themselves in order to pimp 'Oirishness' as a 'good influence' around the world; and they had to have unimpeachable credentials of coolness.
Well, the self-promotion of U2 (the 'Greatest Rock Band in the World'-according to nobody),their staying power (demonstrated by indistinguishable records that amounted to musical filibustering) and finally, the fact that they were so safely second-rate that they would always want to remain the friends of said journalists to help maintain the puffball of reputation; all these made Bono's elevation inevitable.
And authentically crap.

Mitch said...

Another fine example of the irrelavence of Time and the MSM. A publication that had the guts to put Hitler or Stalin as man of the year is now sopping with lame, inoffensive elites. God forbid they pick the Iraqi voter, or the orange or cedar revolutionaries in the Ukrane and Lebanon - nope.. not part of the upper East side jet set crowd.

MapMaster said...

Facile redistribution is no way to "make poverty history," to use one of Bono's latest glib catchphrases.

From Bono's and Bill's hands in our pockets
Peter Foster, National Post
Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Rock star Bono has made poor-country debt relief "sexy." Microsoft founder Bill Gates has rendered global health "cool." The highly unfashionable question — particularly at this time of year — is: How much long-term good are they really doing?

Bono, Mr. Gates, and his wife, Melinda, are Time magazine's "Persons of the year." While both the Irish warbler and the world's most prominent geek are in the macro-philanthropy business, I had always thought there was one very fundamental difference between them: Bill gives away his own money; Bono specializes in redirecting ours. According to Time, however, Mr. Gates has gone into the benevolent arm-twisting business via the dubious concept of "leveraging" his US$29-billion foundation with public money. This has drawn him, like Bono, into a rancid game whereby they seek to use governments as governments seek to use them.

[…] The solution to African poverty is not simply to ship more drugs — much less steal the intellectual property rights of drug companies — or to throw out more cash, it is to improve governance, create property rights and establish the rule of law. Bono makes lip service to such notions, but he is at heart a messianic utopian who wants to bestow growth from above. With your money.

Rest of the article here.

Anonymous said...

Bono Gates? When did they adopt him?

P.S. How lucky, and wonderful, for Bono Gates that he just happens to live in the lowest-taxed nation in the western hemisphere.

Mover Mike said...

Much more could be accomplished by Bono in Africa, if he would stop kissing up to our government officials who have capped the price of gold since the mid 90's. Gold should be selling near $1000 per ounce and that price would do a lot more for the families in Africa, by putting miners to work, than any efforts so far by Bono.
Mover Mike