Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Joe Fontana fails to make the grade

Longtime entrenched Liberal MP Joe Fontana doesn't honour his personal resolutions, yet we are to trust he will act in the best interests of his constituents?

Labour Minister Joe Fontana of London wishes he'd quit smoking Jan. 1, as he had vowed. But he's still puffing and has picked up a case of bronchitis on the campaign trail. "I'm giving it up," he says. "I am trying my best."


Lisa said...

I smoke and stink of tobacco, but I don't dictate to others. Unlike Smoking Joe, I mind my own business.

Candace said...

As a continually quitting smoker, I would be hard-pressed to vote against him for that alone.

Seeing him at QP, on the other hand? That's a different story. However, I'm not in his riding.

I have made it my (current) life goal to make sure Annie's next landslide puts her in the river ;-)

MapMaster said...

Ms. McLellan is the most statist of all of Canada's federal ministers (and, perhaps, of all federal politicians). She passionately supports a robust war on drugs, the federal gun registry (and, no doubt, more gun control), the Canadian wheat board monopoly, no rights for fathers in custody battles (or so she wrote while with the UofA's Faculty of Law), the state-monopoly on hospitals, a radical increase in police powers to fight terrorism, and many other destructive policies.