Saturday, December 3, 2005

Jack Layton is a first-class tool

From CTV: radio talk show host Peter Warren asked Jack Layton if he and his wife, Olivia Chow, would use a private clinic if she needed a hip replacement and was in pain.

Layton said he and his wife Olivia Chow, a candidate in Toronto's downtown Trinity-Spadina riding, would rather suffer than go private.
Could Canadians expect any more consideration for their pain under an NDP government than Layton would give his own wife?

This statement alone ought to discredit the NDP completely and permanently. This whole business about the NDP being the "caring" party — what is it precisely that they care about? Ideology is stronger than pain, baby!

Update, Dec. 4: This is a transcript from the radio show, in response to the anonymous commenter who said "Fast & free with putting words in people’s mouths eh? Layton said nothing of the sort:"
  • PW (Peter Warren): We've just heard from Stephen Harper and […] I posed the situation if his wife was in terrible pain and needed a hip replacement and it was an 18 month wait, Mr. Harper after a little nudging admitted grudgingly he probably, yes he would, go private. That suprise you, Jack?
  • JL (Jack Layton): I think each person has to answer a question like that on their own and directly, and actually Olivia and I have talked about that […] and our approach would be to support the public system.
  • PW: When you say you would support the public system if it hit you, you would let your wife suffer for 18 months, as mine did, and not go private?
  • JL: What we would be doing is working to fix that public system and, uh…
  • PW: Doesn't answer the question, c'mon…
  • JL: Well, yes, Olivia and I have discussed that and we would both, we've reached our own personal conclusions on it.
  • PW: So you'd let her suffer for 18 months…
  • JL: She said she'd do that and I would do it and we would work for the public system because we believe in it.
  • PW: Okay…
The broadcast can be heard in the CKNW audio vaults (members only, registration required) and selecting Saturday, December 4, 11am.

I love the question that Peter Warren posed to the candidates, and I suggest it be posed to every candidate in every upcoming debate, if only for the entertainment value of watching politicians try to avoid answering a question.

On a side note, in response to the posed situation, Jack Layton said both that "each person has to answer a question like that on their own" and that he and his wife had reached their "own personal conclusions." Wouldn't statements like that presuppose that a choice between public and private health care does and should exist already?

Update, again: Well, on the other hand, being consistent in defense of an idiotic position is tiring work!
Campaigning in Vancouver's Chinatown Sunday, NDP Leader Jack Layton said private clinics are a “fundamental aspect” of the health-care system founded by former Saskatchewan premier Tommy Douglas and not much can be done about them.

[…] When pressed on the issue, he said private clinics have been around from the beginning.

[…] The position seems to contradict what the party has been saying all week about stopping the privatization of health care.
Hat tip AlbertaAvenue.


Publius said...

No, no! Jack! has demonstrated a profound nobility: He's willing to die for his convictions! The problem is he's willing to have everyone else die for his convictions as well, whether we wish to or not.

Anonymous said...

Fast & free with putting words in people’s mouths eh? Layton said nothing of the sort. You’re so obsessed with your own ill-informed agenda, you can’t be bothered to listen to what is really being said.

Fenris Badwulf said...

As an example to my fellow Liberal Satraps, I travel to American clinics for most of my health care needs. This frees up space for other Other-Canadians who can take my now vacant place in the waiting line.

I care.

Another great reason to vote for Paul Martin.

(Did you know that if you do not vote for Paul Martin, Quebec will separate and Lake Erie will boil away because of Global Warming?)

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't statements like that presuppose that a choice between public and private health care does and should exist already?

If you have no money left to buy private health care after you have been taxed to pay for the useless, unresponsive public health care system, then what kind of choice is that?

v said...

Good post! Can Stephen "There will be no private, parellel system" Harper save healthcare from privatization pimps Martin and Layton?

David MacLean said...

The question should not be about Olivia. It should be about whether he would force his children, or his elderly parentsm, people who won't choose to suffer.

Anonymous said...

Also on CKNW radio, Peter Warren directly asked PM Paul Martin the very same health care question as he posed to Layton and Harper.

PM Martin would let his willing wife Sheila wait 18 months in the regular public system even in a case of extreme pain, for surgery, although he also said the no one in Canada would ever have to wait that long if they were in extreme pain! Wow! Of course we now know that he is attended by his personal doctor who happens to own Medysis which is the largest provider of private medical care in all of Canada. !!!! He would really make his own wife (and all of us)wait in extreme pain. Wow.
If you believe him I've got some beer and popcorn to sell you!
from Eyeopener in North Van

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to verify his statement on the Corus Radio Network, log on to and click "Audio Vault" for Dec 5th
The time slot of the interview was between 10:20 and 10:30 am. so choose the 10am slot and fast forward to 10:20
Eyeopener in N Van
PS Harper had said earlier that he'd do whatever it took for his family. Layton had said that he and Olivia would elect to tough it out in the public system no matter.
Of course we all know MP's RCMP, federal prisoners, WCB claims through unions all get immediate treatment in a a a eh parallel public system. Beeeautiful eh?