Monday, December 12, 2005

The culture of entitlement rolls on.


Jay said...

I was initially mildly offended by Reid's comments, but then Angry's retarded bluster...

"We think it’s time that you and your aides started respecting Canadian parents more"

...had me thinking the exact same thing as you:

It's *our* money in the first place and if *we* want to spend it on beer and popcorn that's entirely none of *their* goddamn business.

As the late Mark Penman once said:

"Given my 'druthers, I'd mound the ten grand I'd have to sacrifice into a pile, and toss in a lit match"

Damn straight. I'd love to see Angry and all the rest of the Tory-mooches apoplectic over the fact they could no longer count on me for their $1,200 a year brat-subsidy.

Anonymous said...

The government is proposing this, not all parents want government subsidised daycare or handouts.
As far as I'm concerned this is all about the government slowly weaselling their way into my house and attempting to "brainwash" my family into thinking the purpose of the government is to take care of all from cradle to death. I say, leave me my family, my rights, my views, my responsibilities, and I will teach them to become self-sufficient. The government seems hell bent on making us all dependent on them.