Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Everyone get Drunk and go to the polls on Christmas Day!

Canadians across the country will be able to vote between noon and 4 p.m. on Christmas Day if they fancy getting out of the house.

There will also be a repeat performance on Jan. 1, when voters can head to the polling station if they feel the need to clear their heads from any New Year's revelry.
Atone for thy sins and visit the ballot box. They should have one at Easter too, because not everyone celebrates Easter.
Joan O'Neill knows there's a good chance she'll be getting at least one election-related call on Christmas Day.

O'Neill, who works for Elections Canada and is responsible for 13 ridings in eastern Ontario, said she expects returning offices to see some action this weekend.

"Not everybody celebrates Christmas," she said.
But it usually means a few days off, or extra wages if you do work.
Nor was it hard to find people to work the statutory holidays, even though O'Neill wants election workers to play it straight Sunday and keep the more potent holiday cheer corked until the polls have closed.

"Cookies and Christmas cake and a happy attitude would be wonderful Christmas cheer to have in the office," O'Neill said.
Pot cookies are on the list of approved offerings.
"But if they want to bring in the other type of Christmas cheer, they should probably wait to open it until 4 o'clock. They can open it just before they leave the office and have a little drink before they say goodbye."
Can the cattle bring their own booze too, as long as they show up near closing time?

I shall spoil my ballot with sticky syrup from the Christmas cake.