Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"Don't ask, don't tell." Sound advice.

Why is this satire?

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper announced today a new policy on the controversial issue of same-sex marriage. “We believe in a balanced approach that is fair to everyone,” said Harper. “If a gay or lesbian couple wishes to marry, they will be allowed to do so, providing they do not disclose their marriage to anyone. In turn, my government will make no inquiries into their marital status.”
From Derision 2006.

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Little Big Man said...

Derision2006.com is owned by Dennis Jordan (http://www.dennisjordan.com). As just an example, a Dennis Jordan wrote the following on the CBC web site (see http://www.cbc.ca/news/viewpoint/yourspace/surprisebudget_vote.html):

"The reaction by Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay to last night's budget vote was more of the same irrationally-exaggerated rhetoric that has killed their credibility and put their party so low in the polls.

MacKay said Paul Martin was Hannibal Lecter. Apart from being silly, the comparison is not even relevant. Peter MacKay looked all grown up on his father's farm last month, so it's sad to see this witless hatred that hardly belongs in a schoolyard.

Harper criticized the Liberals for working with separatists last night. I'll give him that, so long as he knows that not a single Canadian has forgotten the months that he aligned with the same separatists to try and force an election.

He also called the NDP socialists, like that's a bad word. Isn't the health care system Harper defends a socialist system?

Dennis Jordan | Toronto