Friday, December 9, 2005

CTV Anti-American Asides

Summary of this story at the Liberal CTV News website front page:

The United States nosed its way into the Canadian election agenda as Liberal leader Paul Martin dealt with the opposing politics of two American presidents Friday.
What kind of story teaser is that for a serious news organization? That's an opening paragraph I would have expected to find in the UWO Gazette. But would Robert Mugabe get such a story bite from CTV if he were to speak out on the Canadian election?Also happening right now in the CTV prism:
As the U.S. continues to resist committing to an agreement to combat climate change, its former president Bill Clinton has brought his pro-Kyoto message to the world stage.
The youths and students bitterly denounce the U.S. and the right-wing conservative forces for trying to build up opinion hostile to the north by falsifying facts and will join all Koreans desirous of the peace and the reunification on the Korean Peninsula and true human rights in the dynamic struggle against "a rally on the human rights issue in the north."
Oops, I c&p'd from the wrong browser, that was from here.

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Pietr said...

Gotta love those Koreans, eh?
Pinky must have spent a lot of money hiring North Korean lawyers to trump up a load of absurd fluff;thing is, if he'd been honest with his partners, nothing I said would have merited more than a shrug.