Sunday, December 11, 2005

Conspiring against ourselves

This Shotgun thread is fascinating.

They're ruling with the consent of a majority of the voting population, alright. The magical formula they have discovered is that you can rip everybody off, but convince everybody that they are co-conspirators and beneficiaries of the crime. Atlantic Canadians love their transfer payments, equalization, EI, pork, patronage and business subsidies. Quebeckers just love the cash, as long as it's handed to their government to manage for them. Ontarians love their government jobs, their subsidized manufacturing jobs, and their pampered and protected jobs in banks, insurance and media. Westerners love their farm subsidies and their oil/gas and mining subsidies. BCers get a little bit of everything. Northern Canadians across the country love their government jobs, welfare and subsidies. Old people love their pensions and free medicare. Young people love their free grade schools and subsidized higher education.

Many people in certain regions and occupations, plus a few crusty coots and skeptical young people know that this is complete crap and that everyone is poorer in the end. But most people have been brainwashed into thinking that everyone is better off, and in particular they are afraid that they will personally suffer if the entitlements were ended. The End of Entitlements is the policy which dare not speak its name. The most you will see is feeble attempts at capping and clawbacks, which will only exacerbate the problems because they make an even greater incentive to stay poor instead of working hard and getting rich.
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