Friday, December 2, 2005

The Bandits unite

The State funded Canadian Corporation of Broadcasting Misinformation promotes State funded discussion forum Babble in a recent segment about political blogs. Proud to be Canadian provides the footage.

HT: Darcey of Dust my Broom


Pietr said...

Thank heaven the Tower of Babble has been caught out.
The BBC is making a 'documentary' about the Neo-Communist Putin, describing him as the Russian leader who will not do as the Mafia tells him.
Apparently he is the scourge of corruption, and I think that the New York Times should give the BBC the Pullitzer it won for eulogising Stalin in the 30's.

Anonymous said...

Technically, can you call yourself a "rabble" when you represent the views of the government against the views of those who oppose the government? I would think that any of the terms "", "", or "" would be more accurate.