Wednesday, November 9, 2005

You are either for us, or you are against us

Budget time wouldn't be as entertaining in London Ontario without public nuisance Susan Eagle campaigning for 'the right' to take even more of our hard earned income for the betterment of society. The poorer you are, the more rights you have, so long as you don't confuse Tom Gosnell.

Community groups fear impact from budget cuts

London community groups have been "cut to the bone" and can't keep taking budget cuts, says a leading social advocate and city councillor.

[..] "Because of the budget cutbacks the last few years, some of these groups are really feeling the pinch," said Coun. Susan Eagle. "They're trying to do more with less and they're down to the bone now, so you're really looking at reduced services to the public."

The public gets its first chance today to comment on the city's draft 2006 budget, which proposes a five-per-cent property tax increase.

[..] One concern, said Eagle, are proposed cuts to groups such as neighbourhood resource centres.

Cutting services to people in need often costs more in the long run, either through welfare, shelters or the criminal justice system, Eagle said.

The same agencies, Eagle said, also are coping with federal and provincial cuts.

The resource centres' budgets have been frozen at 2003 levels and the city budget proposes a seven-per-cent cut, a total of $10,621 they say will mean service cuts.

The centres argue every dollar spent in prevention saves $8 "in treatment, remediation and rehabilitation."

"(Losing that funding) will eliminate . . . direct program services to vulnerable youth and adults affecting hundreds," they say in a joint letter.

[..] Budget chief Tom Gosnell, deputy mayor, said the public often sends "mixed messages" at budget time, "so everything is on the table," but the goal remains to keep any tax hike to the inflation rate or less.


Pietr said...

Cut to the bone?
So break their bloody legs then.

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it that London is giving away the JLC as Anne Marietoinettes dowery to her Texan hockey hunk. Can anyone confirm this?