Thursday, November 3, 2005

The wages of stupid

David Warren:

The bad news is that this does not reduce to a hundred million misspent here and there. That is merely a financial disorder, tied up through excessive taxation in the progressive limitation of our country's economic prospects. A Thatcherite, Conservative government could turn that around in a year.

What it cannot turn around is the moral degeneration that follows not only from the corruption, and other incidentals of a welfare state, but from the social policies that are the natural moral correlative to the fiscal ones. I am referring to things like the destruction of the Canadian family, and the devaluation of human life, that are implicit in projects like same-sex marriage and impending euthanasia legislation.

And more profoundly, to the de-moralization that comes when Canadians allow these things to happen, in despite of their own better judgements. By increments, we become slaves.


Anonymous said...


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Pietr said...

Thatcher-ite governments are a good antidote;but they have a new disease for every antidote here in Britain.
First, say that Penicillin is no good.
Get doctors to be replaced by spin-doctors who stop the prescription of Penicillin and take every opportunity to slag it off.
Then, when disease begins to break out again, call it New Health.
And they say that Blairism is undefined!
It's simple Bolshevism.