Thursday, November 17, 2005

"Teach Them About Socialism!" continued . . .

The Human Receiver (Discussion)

From your propbox take out a small transistor radio. Mention to your audience how the room is full of unseen radio waves. They are all about them. Yet, no on can see them, or touch them. In fact, there is no way to detect their presence without a radio such as the one in your hand. And here comes proof that radio waves fill the room. "Click!" On it goes. Turn to one station on the dial. Wait a second, then go to another. Observe how you have picked up two different radio signals because you tuned to two different stations.
Our two natures are like two radio receivers. They are so constructed they receive but one station each. There are only two broadcasting stations in the political world. One nature is tuned to radio station L-E-F-T. The other is tuned to radio R-I-G-H-T. The transistor radio in your hand can receive numerous stations, but the two receivers of the human organism receive only one each. While there are seemingly many broadcasting stations in the world, there are really only two. Our two natures receive the political signals and turn them into ideals, just as radio receivers turn radio waves into sounds. Radio sounds fall on our ears, ideas enter our minds.
Hint: Step to the whiteboard. Sketch out a radio station. Show its antenna tower. Then draw circles radiating out from the tower to the surrounding area. Observe how an UNLIMITED number of radios can tune in that station to receive the same program. Even as the audience sits in their seats, they are engulfed in radio waves emanating from stations miles from them.