Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Stop me if you've heard this one before

...If you establish a democracy, you must in due season reap the fruits of a democracy. You will in due season have great impatience of the public burdens combined in due season with great increase of the public expenditure. You will in due season reap the fruits of such united influence. You will in due season have wars entered into from passion, and not from reason; and you will in due season submit to peace ignominiously sought and ignominiously obtained, which will diminish your authority and perhaps endanger your independence. You will, in due season, with a democracy find that your property is less valuable and that your freedom is less complete.

-- Benjamin Disraeli


Publius said...

And yet Disareli was one of the most statist politicians of the Victorian Era!

Dick said...

Exactly. It's suprising how difficult it sometimes is to separate the Oligarchists from the Libertarians.