Friday, November 11, 2005

Some Call Him Pig

See the video of those cops picking some poor guy out and beating him up. (Click on the red camera icon).

I lived in Ottawa for a while and I got the sense the cops there were thugs, a vibe I've never gotten in London. Maybe it was the time I was waiting in line in a different Ottawa Tim Horton's with two, I had to listen to uniformed cops using the F word to each other in normal speaking voices where everybody around could hear them. Now, I like swear words as much as the next guy, but not at Tim Horton's in the middle of the day out of the mouths of armed men entrusted with keeping the fucking peace. (HT Shotgun).

From the article:

Twice, Mr. Gauthier attempted to go past the officers toward the door. Twice, Const. Henderson prevented the man from leaving.

Then the officers motioned for Mr. Gauthier to turn around and put his hands on the counter. Instead, he did a slow 360-degree turn and walked into Const. Henderson, who put him in a headlock and flipped him to the ground face down. The officer landed heavily on the man's back.

With Const. Henderson on the man's back, Const. Nesbitt handcuffed him while leaning on his legs.

During the cuffing, Const. Henderson punched Mr. Gauthier several times in the side and back of the head, and the officer appears to slam the man's face off the floor.

Const. Nesbitt also hit the man once.


basil said...

It is unbelievable that these bullies are still on the job. It is a disservice to police across Canada when this type of thing occurs in the nation's capital and those responsible are allowed to do so with impunity. Evidently individuals such as these have no fear of behaving like brownshirts in public - why not?

Little Tobacco said...

disservice? don't you mean indicative?

Anonymous said...

I have witnessed and have also been a victim to police assaults in Ontario. Most cops take pride in taking a couple of shots on harmless, handcuffed drunks. They get a laugh out of it. It's quite dispicable because the majority of complaints against officers can never be proven. Good thing this incident was caught on video.