Friday, November 25, 2005

". . . the side streets resemble Siberia"

Thanks to cuts made to the snow removal budget, London now finds itself buried in snow:

Swirling snow and slippery streets caused chaos in and around London yesterday as motorists struggled to adjust to the region's first blast of winter.

Multi-vehicle collisions, jackknifed trucks and cars sliding into ditches tied up emergency services workers through the day and night.
Funding crumbling relics and the JLC is much more important than removing the snow from the sidewalks and roads. City engineer Peter Steblin, speaking during last years 'divide the spoils' competition:
He argued the department has made significant cuts in the last two years and defended the addition of $650,000 to this year's budget for snow removal, noting the city came up $1 million short in snow removal costs last year and $2 million in the red the year before.

A motion to return $200,000 to the budget for sidewalk snow removal -- a cut approved last year -- was defeated by an 11-7 vote.

Ian Gillespie:
Have you heard about the city's new plan to clear snow off local roads?

It's called "spring."
As the Santa Claus parade takes place tomorrow night, and because the temperature is predicted to rise early next week, Londoners might get some relief a little earlier. As for the remaining 5 months of winter, we must place our hopes on important events at the JLC planned for out of province dignitaries.
Is it possible that the city's 120-piece team of plowers, salters and sanders all decided to take a simultaneous coffee break?

Is it possible they all took the day off because it's "national snowplow-driver appreciation day?"

Is it possible they're attending a week-long retreat in Phoenix, Ariz., where they're learning to empathize with angry motorists by role-playing with hand puppets...

[..] So I called Scott Stafford, operations manager with the city's roads and transportation department for the past five years and a snowplow driver and supervisor for 14 years before that.

So did yesterday's snowfall catch his department by surprise?

"It didn't catch us by surprise, other than the timing is bad," he said.
And the timing never did get better, 24 hours later, well after 'rush hour' traffic disappeared - the roads were still in terrible shape this morning, despite little snow fall last night.


MapMaster said...

Anyone driving the city roads early this morning should have taken a detour through the university to see how roads are properly maintained. The difference was amazing.

Fenris Badwulf said...

This weather is caused by Global Warming. The lousy road maintenance is caused by George Bush and inadequate social spending. The fact that your city council does not do anything about either is caused by racism.

There are simple answers to complex problems. You should consider obtaining a qualification certificate in the Racism Industry taught at the Fenris Badwulf School of Telemarketing Excellence. I am sure there is alot of racism in your town, village, school, or church that needs to be exposed, studied, and cured with subsidies. I care.

Publius said...

Move to Mississauga. The snow doesn't even have the guts to fall on the roads, so fearsome are our snowplows!

Pietr said...

The first British snow of the year has fallen;on Friday I had a night shift and was looking forward to being a hero in a big truck and big weather through the dark night.
As it happened they pulled me and I only had a five mile local job to do in mild rain.
I wanted to be a Big Man.
(You fooled me?That takes a Big Man.Yeah, a real Big Man....'Kiss Of Death',starring Victor McClure)