Saturday, November 19, 2005

Racist Shithole

Calling all coloured cripple bitches -- the department of Public Works loves to fill its shelves with spicy ethnic cracked-spine vagina-bearing books, and just for their covers! (HT Neale)

A major federal department has temporarily banned the hiring of able-bodied white men in an unusual move critics say could spark a backlash against the very disadvantaged groups it is meant to help.

Managers in the Public Works department must hire only visible minorities, women, aboriginals and the disabled, except with written permission from their superiors, David Marshall, the deputy minister, ordered in an e-mail circulated yesterday.
The Department of Public Works' extensive system of organized crime entrepreneurship, outsourcing, and subcontracting will be also be revisited, moving from the historically privileged white European famiglia to newcomers of racial distinction such as Triads and Al Qaeda. Public Works will also be financing a new startup, RaceWorks!, to help Crips and Bloods integrate into the procurement process moving forward with Kyoto and public day care.

Update: We're waiting for Deputy Minister David Marshall, pictured above, to resign in favour of someone more racially balanced.