Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Poundmaker First Nations on the National tonight

Break your self-imposed exile from the CBC to watch a documentary on the Poundmaker First Nations on The National tonight — more info at Dust My Broom.

This is a special exception — don't let it happen again!

Update: Apologies to our readers who wasted countless brain cells watching The National last night looking for the Poundmaker story — the Poundmaker documentary didn't make it on to that airing. Dust My Broom is looking into the situation and will report back, I hope. I don't blame him directly, but he's still got a lot of brain damage on his hands.


darcey said...

I hope your being BAD too!

MapMaster said...

Like all hardworking responsible sober Ontarians, we are regretfully being GOOD. You wealthy idle Albertans are giving Confederation a BAD name!

darcey said...

Brain Damage?? Hey! Am looking into it but havne't got any info back yet - you'll be the first to know ;-)