Wednesday, November 23, 2005

"...Or whatever that means these days."

Canadian propagandist for Kim Jong Il Walter Oostindie gives on the spot guidance to host George Strombopolous on CBC's "The Hour". (Video) (Hat tip to dr_dog in comments at Shotgun.) Our state broadcaster made an infomercial for these guys, with the scary music synchronized to scary pictures of Bush and Rumsfeld.

"Check it out, dudes. Back in the day, the In-min-bo-an-seong jail at Onsong held about 130 detainees, forty to fifty of whom were women. Former Detainee #21’s husband was put in a men’s cell, and she was put in one of the women’s cells. Her husband was beaten so badly that he confessed their desire to go to South Korea, after which time he died in detention from paratyphoid, a lice-borne disease that results in acute diarrhea, leading, if not treated, to dehydration and death. Her husband was left medically unattended for three days in men’s Cell Block No. 8. She was beaten with sticks, and the police agents beat her head against cement walls until she screamed at them to get it over and kill her too. And that was probably some pretty harsh heaviness there for, uh, for everybody concerned. Word."
" OK, coming up next we totally got the story of a baby born to a twenty-eight-year-old woman named Lim, who had been happily married to a Chinese man. Everything was cool and the baby boy was born healthy and unusually large, owing to the mother’s ability to eat well during pregnancy in China. Former Detainee #24 assisted in holding the baby’s head during delivery and then cut the umbilical cord. But check it out, when she started to hold the baby and wrap him in a blanket, a guard totally grabbed the newborn by one leg and threw it in a large, plastic-lined box. A doctor explained that since North Korea was short on food, the country should not have to feed the children of foreign fathers. When the box was full of babies, Former Detainee #24 later learned, it was taken outside and totally buried."
"Comin at ya, so there were these 4 guys, Kang, Lee, An, and Kim, and like the places they were imprisoned, Knup-ri and Daesuk-ri, had public executions by hanging and shootings — and sometimes worse — for prisoners who had tried to escape or who had been caught "stealing” food. Lee witnessed one public killing of an attempted escapee, Hahn Seung Chul, who was tied and dragged behind a car in front of the assembled prisoners until dead, after which time the other prisoners were required to pass by and place their hands on his bloodied corpse. Another prisoner, AHN Sung Eun, shouted out against this atrocity, and he was immediately shot to death. Kim witnessed a public execution by firing squad after which the assembled prisoners were required to pass by and throw a stone at the corpse still slumped and hanging from the post to which the victim had been tied. Freaky!"