Saturday, November 12, 2005

Newark, NJ. Now that's a creative city!

Although not conspicuously immoderate, municipal tax dollars are already used to pay for propaganda in the form of websites, pamphlets and garbage calendars with messages from the city, an abundant municipal workforce whose livelihoods are imagined by those workers to be dependent on the city, and funding of groups whose aims are congruent with those of council. But what if council spent tax money directly on propaganda disguised as news? An enterprising London Free Press editor looking for some cash flow should be looking at this story:

A start-up newspaper called the Newark (N.J.) Weekly News has signed a one-year, $100,000 contract with the Newark city council to publish "positive news" about the city, according to a report in Monday's Star-Ledger.
[— Editor & Publisher]
I mean, after all, the Free Press is already doing it for free…

HT: Ridgetown Independent News