Monday, November 21, 2005

MolochCare, Pt. 2

In the MolochCare post below, Mike indicates the dominant theoretical rationales for universal child care — communism and fascism. Intellectual rationalizing of elitist ownership of individuals has always abounded; the pillar on which these theories claim authority is the appearance of disinterested objectivity. In Canada, at least, that pillar is supported on another pillar — that of cynical Liberal governance. The paper cited for its reference to the promotion of Early Childhood Education and Care is An Integrated Approach to Early Childhood Education and Care: A Preliminary Study, prepared by Lenira Haddad of the Childcare Resource and Research Unit, Centre for Urban and Community Studies at the University of Toronto — a "lobbying organization[…] funded federally by HRDC (now SDC), Status of Women (funded by SDC) and through university budgets".

The Honourable Ken Dryden, Minister of Social Development Canada, at the Canadian Council on Social Development’s national early learning and child care conference entitled Child Care for a Change!, November 12, 2004:
To get them excited, to hook them, to get them involved, to get them to take on some of the load as well. And all the time, it is important to approach the development of this system as an "of course." It will happen. It is a matter of when, not if. Go on the offensive. Put the other guy on the defensive. You have earned the "of course," so use it.

We also need to make what we are doing as irreversible as possible. There will hard moments, moments when it will be much easier to go back than to go ahead. We need to make going back as painful as possible. With each step we all take in these next five years, it will be harder to go back. More spaces, higher quality, higher expectations and ambitions, a bigger and growing public appetite, building the pressure on each level of government, to reinforce the commitment implicit in building a system. We need to paint ourselves into a corner because it's a corner we want to be in and need to be in.


basil said...

Mmmm, what a seemingly endless, unrepentent, voracious tax glutten!

Pietr said...

According to a recent study reported in the Yorkshire Evening Post a couple of weeks ago, new research shows that staying with the mother at home(instead of going to a nursery school) leads to higher intellectual ability.

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