Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The London Coalition Against Pesticides — sanctimony beats reality

The London Free Press reports that council has rejected the pesticide bylaw it came up with earlier this year that purported to discourage people from using pesticides without outright banning them.

The bylaw before council […] would have allowed spraying of pesticides up to a maximum of 20 per cent of a property owner's lawn, with the amount reduced to 10 per cent by 2010. As well, all lawn-care companies would have had to register with the city and warning signs would have had to be issued before and after spraying.

[…] "Everybody wants their own way, so nothing's happened," said Deputy Mayor Tom Gosnell following the vote.
This outcome is the logical and correct response to a competition between individual and interventionist interests instead of a gratuitous attempt to placate both sides. Politics is the art of compromise, it is said, but what use is a compromise between right and wrong to anyone but politicians? Nothing is being done now, but don't regard this as any more than a temporary reprieve — council agreed to leave the issue with the environment and transportation committee for next year, when amateur authoritarians will try to get council to wield the hammer again:
"City council has chosen toxins over health again," said Sean Hurley of the London Coalition Against Pesticides.


basil said...

If I want to spray poison on my lawn, bury nuclear waste in my yard, or dump battery acid in a stream that runs through my property, that's my right. Fuck everybody else.
Buy property upstream if you must or move the fuck out of town. Or you can sue me for damages - we all know the courts are reasonable and fair.

Lisa said...

And we all know how reasonable and fair council are when passing bylaws and spending our money.