Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"I think he was making a statement about creativity and the city a little bit"

I don't like Christmas, I don't like publically funded circuses and I don't like London. While reading this article, keep in mind the Santa Claus parade here will once again take place in the evening, beginning at 6:30pm, in the dark. Maybe the colossal waste of electricity emanating from the trees in Victoria Park will illuminate the usually dark and windy haven for panhandlers, punks and gangs:

London police officers and volunteers cleaning up downtown for Saturday's Santa Claus parade whitewashed two murals by a London artist.

MainStreet London paid James Kirkpatrick $10,000 to create seven murals to make the core more appealing for last May's Memorial Cup.

Two of the murals beside the Arts Project at 206 Dundas St. were painted over by London police and Westervelt College students Saturday.

John White, executive director of the Arts Project, described the murals as "artistic sentinels."

White compared the figures in the murals to the icons used to represent comedy and tragedy.

[..] A spokesperson for London police defended the whitewashing, saying the mural had been tampered with.

"There was graffiti on top of the art work, foul language, other tagging and even a swastika,'' Amy Phillipo said.

"They had to paint over portions (of the art) to block it out."

"We realized it was art work, but the words on top of that were not art,'' Phillipo said.

[..] Officials will determine if the murals can be salvaged.

"We will probably try to see if we can remove the whitewash paint," White said.
No doubt it would be cheaper for taxpayers if the city commissioned James Kirkpatrick to paint new murals glorifying Santa Claus and the JLC. In addition, council should offer taxpayer funded art appreciation classes to all police officers. It is important that the officers of the law be able to see the difference between state approved, vs. non-state approved creativity.

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basil said...

I'm still waiting for the police to remove the shanty that's been erected on the front lawn of Museum London - right across from the courthouse! The police should not be wasting their time removing art work, they should be evicting squatters from public spaces!