Thursday, November 24, 2005

I just can't quit smoking!

What the hell ever happened to self control?

In a study sure to spark controversy, behavioural researchers have determined sexual arousal in college males has a "striking" impact on their willingness to engage in risky or morally objectionable activity.

For the same reason average people can turn into monsters behind the wheel of a car, the new study -- which appears in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making -- shows erotic stimulation increases a young man's propensity to engage in uncharacteristic sexual acts or crimes of passion.

In addition, arousal was found by the study to increase the attractiveness of everyday situations and objects, including cigarette smoke, animals, older women, other men and women's shoes.

And here's some good news for perverts in a position of trust in the UK:
Swansea Crown Court yesterday heard that a guard, a complete stranger, had sex with a 21-year-old woman while she was lying unconscious in a corridor outside her flat in a university hall of residence.

She was adamant she had not consented, telling the court: "If I had wanted to sleep with him, I would have taken the few steps to my bedroom."

But because she had lost consciousness and could not even remember having intercourse, prosecutor Huw Rees said the case against 20-year- old Ryairi Dougal had to be halted.
. . .

[The apparent victim] told the jury: "My dress was in a state and I wanted to leave. I went on to a patio for some fresh air. I was losing focus and very dizzy."

A female member of staff said she would find someone to walk her the short distance home and came back with Dougal, also a student who was working as a guard.

"But your Honour, it's not break and enter if the household is asleep and has not refused to allow me to enter. And if the daughter is asleep and I hop into bed with her, how can I be blamed for going through with the deed after she is awake and screaming when she has already aroused me in her sleep?"