Saturday, November 19, 2005

Going out with a bang...

Hey, I said "Bang!" Did anybody miss the sexual innuendo? No? I see you rolling your eyes, not as in the original meaning of "rock and roll," which has to do with sex, in which I certainly like to engage regardless of your opinion of that particular pastime, la di da. Oh, did I shock you? Let your hair down man! Did you ever stop to think maybe you're the one projecting irrationally onto the rationality of reason and premises? Maybe if you "opened yourself up" to the world of ideas you too would be able to transcend the application of context to the processes of cogitation and abstraction.

Am I ever horny! Anybody want to share their sexual fantasies with a hundred billion people living and as yet unborn?


Ian Scott said...

Been a slice of fun, dude :)

Pietr said...

Want to enlarge your Manly Unit?
I use a woman.

Now the sexual fantasy that is most tinged with regret is the one which recurs whenever I think about a rather special lady; she wondered into my neighbourhood in 1999, and when I noticed her she walked tall with her head held high.
I noticed her again when she had been sunbathing in a white Tennis dress and was slowly walking down the street.
I was (as usual)going off to see something or someone much less interesting, so all I did was look.
As she got to the driveway, she pretended to notice something on the ground,and crouched down.

She had this intangible, incredible aura of sexuality that only I could see apparently.
And she knew.

I'd see her out and about, and if she noticed me she'd smile.
There was no,one single thing about her that was 'beautiful', but as a whole woman she was so incredibly integral, real and unique I used to get a feeling in my stomach like electricity.

Trouble is, a long term relationship was keeping me dangling-and dangling-and dangling.

The Goddess moved out of the neighbourhood again.
The other one is history in any case.
But I lost out.

Mike said...

Psalms 75:10

Paul said...

There was this girl, Lisa, who I knew from grade school in the south end of London ...