Monday, November 14, 2005

The class struggle was conspicuously omitted

Mitchieville visits the AGO:

I had the misfortune to step into that racist pigsty that is the Art Gallery of Ontario a few days ago.

No where did I see a suitable blend of diversity. Who looks at art for the homeless? There were no accomodations for cultures that do not respect our toiletry customs. No where for the homeless to pee. No where to smoke crack. They were excluded. This is hurtful.

Other valued cultures in the Village Peoples of Diversity respect particpating in art by finger painting or machete slashing. I saw no exhibits that celebrated their culture.

The washrooms were temples to heteronormativism. Strict division into the male and female, with no voice or celebration of the blended sexuality of our poly-gendered peoples. A Toronto by-law requires that condoms, intimate lubricants, and soft drugs be on sale in all public Salle de Pissoir. Where was the safe sex brochures kiosk?

The food ... there was no food. There were no insects or worms. Many cultures celebrate the food source that comes from insects and worms. There was no celebration here.