Sunday, November 27, 2005

Bono - The problem that just won't go away

According to the mouthpiece himself, Bono wants to be remembered for his musical bleatings rather than his political ones. If this is true, then why does he spend his days with politicians, acting as an advisor to any Leader stupid enough to listen to him? The title of activist does not explain why Bono, a rock star with crazed ideals, is received so cordially.

And there is no pleasing Bono, who wants nothing less than a miracle to occur. If Canadians are so generous, why is it necessary to force taxpayers to fund Bono's fantasies? Because the quotas have not been met, nor the desired sum intended for Third world dictators.

As news of an election is out, Bono latest target is Canada. Paul Martin is once again scolded for not taking more money from Canadians:

Irish rocker Bono is "mystified" and "crushed" by Prime Minister Paul Martin's failure to pledge more aid for the world's poor and predicted he will be punished for it at the polls.

Comparing the growing battle to lift global poverty to the fight to end apartheid, the U2 frontman said Martin could suffer a ballot-box backlash if he refuses to commit to meeting the target of 0.7 per cent of GDP adopted by other wealthy nations.

[..] Bono said the Make Poverty History campaign is growing in momentum and urged Canadians to press politicians on the issue as they come knocking at doors during the election campaign. Calling himself a "fan" of Canada, the activist praised results of a recent poll that showed 45 per cent of Canadians support giving more money to end world hunger and disease.

"There's something about Canada that sets it apart. It's this kind of leadership, this sense of decency and a kind of awareness to what's going on in the wider world that's what sets Canada apart," he said.

But Bono blasted Martin for failing to deliver the goods while the nation's economy flourishes.

"I'm personally not just disappointed; I'm crushed, actually, because I believed the prime minister would do that," he said.
And now for the most absurd and inappropriate adjective ever used by a reporter when speaking of one of the worst megalomaniacs of our times:
U2 frontman Bono wants [sic] be remembered for his contribution to rock music instead of his political activism.

[..] the modest 14-time Grammy-winner would prefer to be recognised for [sic] role in his Irish rock band, because he hopes the global issues he has campaigned against will be solved by the time he passes away.

He says: "I think my work - the activism - will be forgotten. And I hope it will. Because I hope those problems will have gone away."


Pietr said...

I wish U2 would just go away.
As a band it is just another of those filibustering,not-much-talent groups of bores that just keeps coming back with the same old rubbish.
Like 'Jammy-rock-qwai' or the 'Red Hot Chili Peppers'.

Omar said...

bono its rue they can call you an egomaniac but you know what you got the balls to say how you feel
and thats what america is all about you go bono do what you got to do