Monday, November 28, 2005

And then there is The London Free Press

Global warming activists accuse outdoor pool operators of discrimination:

Many Canadians go to their local outdoor hockey rink to skate and live the dream of scoring that winning Stanley Cup goal.

But this quintessential slice of Canadian life in wintertime is slowly melting away because of global warming, says a collection of young environmentalists.

"A bunch of us are fairly avid hockey fans and hockey players and we noticed that we were waiting longer and longer every year to play, and then we started phoning rink operators and were told the same story," said Mike Hudema of Global Exchange.

[..] Hudema said volunteers "frustrated with having to play hockey games on slush" have already started to hand out postcards at NHL games urging people to pressure Ottawa to take action.

They are also organizing a series of protest outdoor hockey games. One game scheduled for Whitehorse was cancelled last week because of warm weather.

They also plan to stage a mock funeral for shinny hockey outside the Montreal conference on climate change that opens today.

Hudema said his hockey campaign needs science to back up anecdotal evidence that Canadians are enjoying fewer days of outdoor hockey each winter.

[..] "The science is definitely there for other winter sports, but it's not there for hockey yet," Hudema said.