Monday, November 14, 2005

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"10 cents here, 10 pence there"


Pietr said...

I used to smoke heavily.
Back in the 80's when I 'lived' in London England,I wandered up to the Benson&Hedges retail store in New Bond Street.
There I spied Benson & Hedges Egyptian and Benson & Hedges Turkish Filter.
I bought the Turkish and never looked back.
They were white, with a Gold band and came in boxes of 20.
The boxes opened like a jewel case, and were white leatherette with black and gold writing.
The actual cigarettes were covered by a huge gold leaf, and when smoked were like inhaling chocolate, with a classic Turkish taste and smell.

In 1994, the Greeks were admitted to the EEC.
They don't like the Turks.

They lobbied against Turkish tobacco.

After decades, B&H were forced to stop making Turkish Filter.
It vanished.
A couple of years later one of my tobacconists got me an American imported Turkish cigarette;I only tried one pack.
It was blended.
Anyway, if Turkey gets into the EEC, they will be able to make Turkish Filter again.
If they do I'll send some to Ontario.

MapMaster said...


basil said...

I'd walk a mile for a real Turkish cigarette . . .