Monday, November 21, 2005

Ain't nothing a smoke in a speed boat won't fix!

Our intrepid hero's ministry is making headlines once again, but be forewarned: don't get sick until 2008.

In the meantime, why not stand outside the hospital and enjoy a Camel while you wait?

From LFP:

The stability of Ontario's health-care system is "at risk" due to the shortage of physicians -- especially family doctors -- according to a new study prepared for the Ontario Medical Association.

CP obtained a copy of the report, prepared by the OMA's human resources committee, which said the doctor shortage in Ontario had become much worse since it first warned the problem represented a "looming crisis" in 1999.

"The year 2005 finds the province in the midst of a deepening physician resources crisis," it concludes.

"Family medicine in particular has deteriorated into a dying specialty and requires urgent resuscitation."

Last Thursday, Health Minister George Slitherman announced an additional $33 million in government funding for medical schools to create 141 new family residency positions in the province next year. Smitherman said that means there will be 337 more family doctors ready to practise by 2008.
. . .

"Unfortunately there remains more to do before we will see real improvements in the ability of patients to access the necessary care that doctors provide in our communities."

'Guess Slitherman hasn't been able to pick up any new doctors and bring 'em home to Ontario.


Anonymous said...

I was told the other day, that the stereotype about Britons having bad teeth couldn't be true, because "they're covered by the national health!"

MapMaster said...

Stereotypes are useful tools only when handled properly — careless use by idiots should be avoided.

basil said...

Does Medicare (or whatever the local commies call it) actually cover dental work in Britain?

Pietr said...

Dental care is supposed to be a 'competing system' resource;Notional Health dentists used to be common, but due to the state paying unreasonably small fees and making claiming back a real pain in the butt,the dentists left the system in large numbers and went private.
I was offered an insurance contract with the best dentists in Yorkshire, but my teeth were okay and I was becoming unemployed.
I later went to a local dentist with a large practice which 'mixes and matches' public and private.
So I got three collapsed fillings replaced on the NHS(£60 in total) and two cosmetic filling two years later on semi-private (£44).
They also do private emergency treatment.
Pretty good business model and they look after poor people too.

MapMaster said...

Notional Health? That might be a better name for it.

William said...

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