Thursday, October 27, 2005

"I figured sooner or later something would happen here.''

Chief Faulkner's answer to gun crime in London Ontario? Set up a task force, recommend the expansion of the police station, and blame it on Toronto and the US.

Gundon update:

London can expect more violence -- such as a shooting spree early yesterday near a day-care centre and strip club -- as Toronto cracks down on gun crime, London police Chief Murray Faulkner warned yesterday.

"I suspect . . . we're going to find many of these people are from the GTA area. As they tighten the noose in the Toronto area, it disperses those individuals to our area."

London's latest gun violence started at 2:30 a.m. yesterday.

A witness called police to report a crash on Forest Lawn Avenue next to a building housing the London Y Fitness and Child Care Centre, East London branch of the London Public Library and the East London Community Centre.

Officers arriving at the scene quickly realized they were investigating more than a collision, police said.

They found a damaged limousine and an overturned GMC Yukon. What they heard from witnesses was much more frightening.

The people inside the two vehicles had exchanged gunfire on Forest Lawn Avenue.

[..] Police also learned the same people had traded shots in the parking lot at the nearby Airport Hotel and Blondie's strip club, which was closed at the time.

The shooting revived debate about the location of the new library and Y branches, which opened last month.

The strip club at 2010 Dundas St. E. is beside the child-care centre and library branch.

When the site was announced two years ago, at least two city councillors warned the location wasn't appropriate for families.

[..] Many neighbourhood residents walking their children to the Y day care yesterday morning were angry about the shootings on their doorstep.

"The mayor should worry about what garbage is in London and not worry so much about what garbage passes through London,'" said Shane Smyth, who was dropping a child off at the centre.

"Let's get rid of our own garbage first."

[..] Faulkner said stopping gun violence or drug dealers coming to London may become more difficult because a new task force just established in Toronto to fight gun violence could drive crime out.

"You can't put down a drawbridge,'' he said.

The OPP, which polices much of the region surrounding London, is noticing the same trend of spillover crime from Toronto, Faulkner said.

"Why have so many meth labs gone from urban to rural areas? That's because large drug squads have pushed them into rural areas.''

[..] Faulkner also said Canada must stop the flow of illegal hand guns from the U.S.

"We're living in a more violent society -- that's quite obvious,'' he said.
London continues to resist, but soon the Provincial government will order Londoners to evacuate the crumbling city, because London is essentially insignificant and ridiculous and it is more pragmatic and productive to convert the land to a receptacle for Toronto's garbage.

Significant looting is expected to occur prior to the evacuation and critics predict council will order the LTC to park the buses after draining the fuel from the tanks.