Friday, October 7, 2005

Force = Democracy in Canada - Part 2

We believe that right and wrong is black and white, and that there is only one word for a compromise between right and wrong: corruption. We do not fear judgment because we do not wish to do injustice to anyone. We advocate democracy for what it truly is: a system in which government must be judged by the same ethical code as the governed because it is comprised of the governed, and acts on no other authority; a system in which government cannot make unjust laws, even when a majority wants it to do so. We advocate freedom because we acknowledge and accept personal responsibility for our own lives and happiness, and because we know it is ethically wrong and unjust for us to be forcibly deprived of our lives, our liberty or our property.

Paul McKeever - Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario
And then there is Comrade Harb:

Freedom Hating Senator Mac Harb
A Liberal senator wants Canadians who fail to vote in federal elections to be slapped with $50 fines.

[..] In an attempt to deal with low voter turnout, Senator Mac Harb is trying to push through the amendment to the Canada Elections Act.

"It's not a new phenomenon," said Harb, noting Australia legislated mandatory voting in 1924 and has nearly 95% of its registered voters turning up at the polls.

[..] Under Harb's proposed legislation, registered voters who don't cast ballots would escape the penalty if they provide a written reason justifying their absence. Voters would be able to spoil their ballot by checking a "none of the above" box, Harb said.
As an adult, I need a nanny note to excuse me from showing up at the circus so I can 'save' the fifty dollars that were left over after the taxman raided my bank account? I am forced to leave my house to relay the message of fuck you when I check "none of the above", instead of looking after my own affairs, thereby indicating my disregard of the whole process and list of candidates by my absence? I've posted on this commie before, and will here once again reproduce some more intelligent commentary on the subject:
All political-states, (being the monopolization of violence over a given territory and its people) must manufacture legitimacy, because no one in their right mind would surrender their freedom and consent to be robbed, enslaved and continually victimized by a criminal organization who is at war against their fundamental human rights and will destroy the lives of those who dare to be free. The appearance of legitimacy under monarchist and theocratic regimes traditionally came from the myth of a divine being who put the tyrant on the throne and spoke for the people by presuming to give their permission to be his slaves. Once the divine right myth was shattered, aspiring tyrants had to invent new lies to deceive the people and manufacture new illusions of legitimacy. The illusion of legitimacy of the so-called democratic and republican "consent of the people" systems comes from the point of a gun, only the tactics and lies that are used are different.

While under a dictator, the people know that they are slaves and the dictator is their enemy, they can then cooperate to overthrow the dictator and liberate themselves. However, the victims of democracy are deceived into thinking that they are the government and every atrocity perpetrated against them is with their consent. Democratic regimes are more aggressive in corrupting the hearts and minds of the people in turning them into millions of little dictators who continually work to coerce others into submitting to a system ruled by avaricious savages who fight for power to impose their opinions on others and rob their neighbors to fund their own preferred agendas. Democracy knows no limits to the intrusion on the individual's body, behavior or even one's mind, a democracy, in fact, acts as a poisonous religion that seeks to contaminate the souls of its victims and destroy the resistance of individual freedom and conscience. In democracies' war against the individual conscience, it is not enough to merely force the subjects to submit to mob rule at the point of a gun, democrats have more contempt for the individual than most monarchs who simply wanted to force the subjects to work to serve royal power, while democrats want not only that, they want the minds and souls of their victims as well by forcing them to consent. While a slave master forces the body of the subjects to work, the democrat primarily attacks the mind of the subject to control thought and behavior, with physical slavery being the secondary manifestation of the tyranny over the conscience. While democracy attacks all individual rights, the next step in democratic tyranny is to go beyond mob rule force that allows individuals at least the dignity of choosing not to participate in the indignity of voting to select their masters, to manufacturing artificial consent by forcing the subjects to vote at the point of a gun. That's what some democratic tyrants now support, mandatory voting, rounding up subjects and marching them to the polling place and forcing them to choose their masters. This seemingly most undemocratic action is seen by the democrats as a way to develop democratic participation in the political system. Several countries enforce mandatory voting, which makes their corrupt masquerade of a government completely illegitimate.


Pietr said...

I approve of the law.
Provided we have a corrollary law that states that any losing politician, who supported the law, must parade through the streets in underwear while rotten fruit and chamber-pots are thrown at them.

Mitch said...

I'll support it once they pass a law that says that all civil servants or anyone who receives money from the government forfeits the franchise because it is a conflict of interest!

Anonymous said...

I repeat here what I have posted at The Shotgun blog comments:

What bloody gall! An unelected Liberal senate hack advocating
punishing citizens for refusing to vote.
Senator Harb to paraphrase the American General Honore, "Stuck on Stupid".